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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?


Romina G. Roque

Are you the typical kind of employee whose salary minus expenses equals negative?

Do you feel like you are working for a long time ago just to pay your bills?

I think it is more painful to have an empty wallet than to have an empty heart. You worked hard for that money, so YOU should be benefiting with it. Remember that the owners of Meralco, Maynilad, Shopee, Lazada, etc., are already rich. And you are just making them a lot richer.

Try making a habit of getting a portion of your salary for yourself FIRST, may be in a form of savings, before spending what is left for your expenses. It’s not the amount of your salary that matters. But your ATTITUDE towards managing your own money.

Personally, I always set up small goals like living room renovation. Every payroll, a specific amount is “deducted” on my salary for that purpose for 1 year (time bounded for that goal) and I would push through with that renovation. Whenever I see our living room, I know that my money went there.

The sense of fulfillment is priceless.

A goal can be your next travel so you can make new memories and take millions of selfies.

Now that we still experiencing the effects of pandemic, we learned that a lot of things we were spending on were not necessary. Cut your expenses, so you can save more and reach more goals and more proofs and outcomes as to where your money go.


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